Getting Prepared for the Christmas & New Year Period

Attention:  All Human Resource Advisors, Officers, Coordinators, Managers, Professionals, Supervisors, Assistants!

Whether your business is closing or continuing to trade over the Christmas and New Year period, we recommend that you check in with your employees before the end of the year.

2020 has without a doubt, been full of challenges and uncertainty, so this is a great opportunity to connect, check-in and motivate your employees for the new year ahead.

This could be through either a formal or informal performance review, a catch-up meeting, a thank you meeting, a staff meeting, or a style that suits your Christmas/New Year culture!

Think about what your employees might benefit from to help each employee kick start 2021!

Such as:

– Do your employees need any additional resources to ensure projects are on schedule, taking into consideration potential breaks over the Christmas/New Year period?

– Set goals (whether personal, or in a team or department) to encourage motivation for 2021.

– Discuss and provide resources to assist with stressors or motivation to close out the year.

– Give your employees recognition for their achievements and hard work over the past year, acknowledging the challenges of the pandemic.

– Consider if the business is in a position to reward your employees, such as a gift, bonus, flexible working arrangement, lunch, or other.

Communication has many benefits in the workplace.  It helps with engagement, performance, employee commitment, job satisfaction, morale, clear understanding of goals and objectives, and much more.

Go on, start the conversation today!

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